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    A reboot causes the thunderbolt bridge virtual interface to be recreated, from that point onwards WiFi Spoof can only see the WiFi adapter and the (fairly pointless) thunderbolt bridge.

    The virtual interface containing only the thunderbolt ethernet adapter is still visible (and active) in the network settings but WiFi spoof can nolonger see it. For some reason it seems to be eclipsed by the bridge no matter what you try (and I've tried everything that I can think of).

    Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated, I've ran out of ideas.

  • Application not responding

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    @grazi2 did you try a computer restart

  • Wifispoof Test

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    @sweetp said in Wifispoof Test:

    ifconfig en0 |grep ether

    Very nice,
    Great thank you!

  • Mac OS Monterey

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    @sweetp Sorry to come back, but I've this issue too... Clean install of Monterrey and WifiSpoof does not "see" the wireless card, it says just says "Not Currently Connected..." (Which it is, since I'm not using wired connection).
    Something changed with how the OS reports the wireless card or something maybe?
    If I click randomize it does randomize and it seems to work, but no way to prove it.

  • Rule won't work on macOS Monterey

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    @rendolp I guess the rule doesn't apply to your current network? Is the rule tied to a particular network, or does it apply to any network?

  • Wi-Fi Spoof Rules are not activating

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    @sweetp "Apologies for the long delay"? You're kidding me... you answered me daily, some times two or three times a day Rusell (I just saw tour name, so, no, I am sorry for not using it).

    You're one of the most awesome support guy I've ever dealt with. I'm just glad that, if somehow, I helped you remember and fix this.

    Thank you a lot for this.
    πŸŽ† πŸ˜ƒ

  • Trial Expired - but I purchased the app ?

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    @jbritta the App Store version, and the version from my store have different licensing mechanisms. If you send me a copy of your purchase, I can send you a license key to use with the version from my store

    [email protected]

  • Identity

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    unless you're using your laptop and directly connecting to their WiFi network, its most likely not you Mac Address which is being flagged. it'll likely be one or a combination of the following:

    Cookies IP address

    in the case of cookies, you can clear your browser cookies manually or with something like my Cookie app or run in Private Browsing mode. If it's your IP address, you'll need a VPN.

  • WiFiSpoof does Ethernet but not WiFi?

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    ah that's great,

    the update address button is for when you want t change the address manually.
    ie, you can insert any value you like. when the value is different to the current Mac Address, then the button will be active

  • Cannot install Helper (Mac App Store)

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    @kimedzheeran I don't remember exactly why I utilised an XPC service (its been a while since I looked at the codebase), But I think it was more for privilege escalation. Without it, you would need to enter your password every time to change the Mac address - which is not exactly user friendly.

  • Address Won't Rotate

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    Has you trial expired?
    try re-entering the license you are running the trial version

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    i am not sure if its blocking or not but if its blocking then why its working for exactly few seconds and stop. And i tried it with other router today but having the same issue.

  • Big Sur 11.1

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    If the address in Wifispoof has changed, then yes πŸ™‚

  • How to randomize LAN USB address?

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    No one has replied
  • MAS Helper Does not Activate After Reboot

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    That’s great

  • Location, location, location....

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    You need a VPN to change spoof your location.

  • Not changing...

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    That is the correct behaviour. The Address in System Preferences shows you the Hardware Mac Address. This is the default address and can not be changed without physically replacing the wireless card in your Mac. Your MAC address will always reset to this on a computer restart.

    WifiSpoof changes the software MAC address. This is what your computer broadcasts to other devices.

  • wifispoof has slowed internet

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    @pamala Are you sure this is WiFiSpoof, as it doesn't touch any network settings apart form changing your Mac address. And the only way this would affect your speed, is if your router is configured to limit speeds to the new Mac Address you are using.

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    you can verify, if you have access to the admin panel of a router you are connected to. you can also run these terminal commands:
    networksetup -listallhardwareports

    Find the Device name for your Wi-Fi to use in the next command (in my case it is β€œen0” - most likely the same for you):
    ifconfig en0 |grep ether

  • Grayed Out?

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    @kigiin I made some adjustments to the helper app. click the please read me button, and reinstall the helper.