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    Looks nice!

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    Try running the helper uninstaller:

    Then restart WiFiSpoof, and reinstall the Helper.

    Also, how are you verifying that WiFiSpoof isn't working
    Does WiFiSpoof show your newly selected address in its main window, after pressing either the Update or Randomize button?

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    Ive just uploaded v5.0.2 to my server
    you can get it here:

    Ive also uploaded the App Store version to Apple for review

    thanks for the crash log
    and the detailed description of what caused the crashing

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    The main issue with this app is the data can't be saved ... its only functional if you never wipe your drive and always rely on Time Machine backups which I don't since they always introduce bugs and glitched during restore ... so I do things manually. The problem with this is well there is no way to save all the things you made invisible .... then when you need to find them you can't unless you a power user who knows the updated terminal commands apple keeps changing/removing/ ect.

    Request: to add iCloud support so this data is always saved and/or updated. and add an export/import option so we have access to what we made invisible and have better control of that data.

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    This will be fixed in Cookie v7.1