• I'm using Cookie 6.0.14 with Safari 13.1. When I manually choose Remove Safari Unwanted Data, if I go back to a site where I was logged in before (e.g. this forum, Amazon, whatever), it still recognizes me as logged in. This does not happen if I go to Privacy/Manage Website Data/Remove All in Safari's preferences; after that, sites will not recognize me as still logged in.

    What is Cookie not deleting that makes sites still recognize me?


  • interesting,
    have you enabled cache removal?

  • I think so. Do you mean checking the box "cache" under Safari after I select "Show Cookie?" Then yes. Clicking on "remove now" in that pane doesn't get the job done, either.

    Googling around, I saw something about installing a cache removal script, but that was from 2016. Is that still required?

  • Following up. Any suggestions?

  • Still no reply?

  • Cookie is most effective when your browser is closed. While running, browsers store some data in RAM, which Cookie doesn't have access to