Cookie 6 and Firefox Bookmark/History Corruption

  • I updated to Cookie 6 (AppStore version) today. Installed and imported settings. Quit Cookie 5 and decided to see if it worked. I quit Firefox, knowing all too well there can be corruption if cookies are removed when it is open, then selected Remove Unwanted Data. Re-opened Firefox to be greeted with the red banner telling me Firefox's Bookmark and History systems are not operational. So back to Time Machine to replace favorites.sqlite and places.sqlite in my Profile folder and all is well again. I think I'll run Cookie 5 for now and see if future updates improve this.

  • That’s odd?
    I’ll take a look at my code

  • I tried Cookie 6 again, and had the following:
    On quitting Firefox I get Cookie 6 needs access to the following path ~Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/Nameofdefaultprofile/Storage/default but if I grant it the dialog just pops up again and again. Clicking Cancel does the same, and quitting Cookie 6 is greyed out. I have to quit Cookie 6 via Activity Monitor. Then I can reopen Cookie 6 and Firefox, but the same happens again next time I quit Firefox. It seems the Full Disk Access I granted at set up hasn't stuck. Adding it again in my Firewall options didn't stick either, but after dropping Cookie 5 in the trash (I kept a zipped archive of it in case I have to go back again) it does seem to stay in the in the list of apps in Firewall options. Sadly, though, now when I quit Firefox I get the red banner telling me the Bookmarks and History system is unavailable as it is in use by another application. Once again I have to replace the files mentioned in my original post to bring those functions back. This is v6.0.2 from the AppStore.

  • Just got the 6.0.3 update from the app store, and my first trial Firefox quit has not led to the issue. Fingers crossed!

  • that's great!

  • I am seeing this issue - places.sqlite is being corrupted when cookie is running, and appears to be remaining OK when cookie has been quit (and places.sqlite deleted and rebuilt by Firefox).

    Firefox version is 70.0.2, Cookie version is 6.0.6
    Easiest way to see this is to go to Help->Troubleshooting and find Places Database, and click the Verify Integrity button - which appears to show that the database is corrupt on disk.

    • Nigel

  • disabling the timer for Firefox, and only removing data while Firefox is closed will avoid the corruption

  • Firefox is my main browser and since Catalina, i have countless problems happening randomly.

    • sqlite database corruptions, leading to various problems, potentially breaking firefox, really annoying
    • security prompt keeps coming up for allowing access no matter what permissions are actually given (full access etc..)
    • data corruption leads to loss of history, start page shortcuts gone etc...

    I noticed that the security prompts seems to happen more frequently when shutting down mac os without previously closing firefox. My settings are to clear cookies on browser quit only, security prompts mostly happen when starting firefox. Didn't find anyway to reproduce data corruption, seems to be random, may be depending on circumstances on how and when you quit your browser.

    At first, I thought it was related to this topic :
    But obviously, there's more specific problems coming with firefox (71), cookie 6.0.8 and before. I updated today to 6.0.9 but nothing specific seems to address this in the release notes and so my post.
    Any suggestions to avoid those data corruption would be welcome, as in it's current state it's not reliable at all and you risk loosing your browser data at any time.
    Note that i have synchronization enabled with other devices and i didn't check yet if my other devices are also possibly affected, may be depending what one have to do to actually restore a working firefox (ie i don't know what happen to your other devices data after you had to delete the sqlite database 😞

  • I'm using Safari, I have similar issue.

    In Cookies 6 the history is checked for deleting but it doesn't delete automatically NOR manually. Wondering whats wrong? latest version 6.0.10

    Yes the Enable automatic removal is on in the main window. (Restarting safari and Mac, doesn't fix it)
    yes this issue has been like this for a while now.

    MY current settings. Safari and Cookies 6.
    delelelte.png deelete.png delelete.png


  • @SweetP Firefox database corrupt again but this time on start (i ve seen a cookie clearing notification) upon starting firefox after login even though my setting are to clear on quit only (?!) removing only Tracking Cookies and Non-Favorites. Cookie 6.0.10 / FF 72.02. Would that be possible to have an update on this as it seems to happens much more frequently and no matter what settings?

    Firefox check on places database:

    Task: checkIntegrity

    • Unable to check places.sqlite integrity: Error: Error(s) encountered during statement execution: disk I/O error

    Task: invalidateCaches

    • The task queue was cleared by an error in another task.

    Task: checkCoherence

    • The task queue was cleared by an error in another task.

    Task: expire

    • The task queue was cleared by an error in another task.

    Task: originFrecencyStats

    • The task queue was cleared by an error in another task.

    Task: vacuum

    • The task queue was cleared by an error in another task.

    Task: stats

    • The task queue was cleared by an error in another task.

    Task: _refreshUI

    • The task queue was cleared by an error in another task.

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  • it seems this issue can occur, if you use Firefox's built in cookie removal. The fix is to use either Cookie or Firefox to manage your Firefox cookies, but not both.

    Also, make sure you are using the latest versions of Firefox and Cookie - as some compatibility fixes were added to Firefox 80, and Cookie 6.1.1