Update to Cookie v5.5: cannot be run

  • I just updated to Cookie v5.5. Afterwards, the app was not started - at least I didn't see anything. I started it manually but nothing happened. No dock icon to be seen, no process of this name existing.

    Then I downloaded Cookie directly from your website using your link from my license e-mail and run the installer. Cookie was put into the application directory. Launching the app shows the usual security hint ("was loaded from internet ... do you really ..."), then Cookie seems to be started. But again no dock icon - which I had configured to always be there in every pre-version of Cookie. The Activity Monitor does not show a process named something like Cookie.

    What went wrong with updating to v5.5?


  • do you see any crash logs in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports

    to get up and running you can reset Cookie by deleting this folder:

  • Yes, there were some crash logs. How to send them to you without making the logs publicly visible here?

    I renamed the mentioned folder. Cookie did launch without problems. The configuration window did appear. Afterwards everything was fine except that the dock icon did not appear. I had to close Cookie and launch it again to make the dock icon visible again.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  • If you could please send the logs to:
    support at sweetpproductions.com that would be great.

    sorry for the inconvenience,
    A lot has changed in v5.5, and I was hoping it would be a smooth transition...

  • Just sent the zipped log files.

  • got them,
    and have the crash fixed,
    Im uploading to Apple for review now


  • I too am unable to run the newest update.
    I do not see this path on my MacBook Pro:


  • Hi David

    What you can do now is:
    download the version from my website(v5.5.1), and run it once
    open the silverlight tab and recheck your favs
    you can then quit and delete the trial version.
    this should get the App Store version running

    my apologies for the inconvenience,
    this bug was missed in beta testing

    heres the link:

    The App Store version is in review now, and should hopefully be available within the next hour or so.

  • The Aap Store version is now available

  • I've installed 5.5.2 from the App Store but it's not working.

    When I launch it, I need to reenter my password for the App Store.

    No icon appears in the Task Bar or Dock.

    The process appears for a few seconds in Activity Manager, then disappears.

    No crash logs at ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports

    Please help!


  • Also, I don't see "the 'Subscribe to this thread' link towards the bottom of the page"–is there something I'm missing?

  • My apologies.
    I have a fix waiting in review with Apple now.

    In the meantime you should be able to delete this folder to reset Cookie:

  • Thanks for the prompt reply, Russell!

    Will this delete all my saved Cookie settings (i.e. websites)?

  • unfortunately yes it will...
    ...but you can be more selective and just delete the preferences file:

  • That didn't work, Russell. It launched, but as soon as I checked the box for the browser, it quit. Then when I relaunched the app, the same thing happened. Any idea when you'll have a fix? Thanks, Will

  • v5.5.3 should fix this. i uploaded to Apple last week before Easter, but they rejected it for a strange reason. And its now caught up in the holiday backlog i guess.

  • Okay, thanks!

  • Ive changed what Apple didn't like, and have added a few other small fixes and rue-loaded as v5.5.4.

    it should be available tomorrow.