Broken and can't reinstall

  • I am (have been for some time) running 5.0.3 on OS X 10.11.3 and Safari 9.0.3.

    I went to delete unwanted cookies, and the spinning gear next to the menu bar icon never stopped. I restarted the system (the gear did not reappear), but it still shows a ton of unwanted cookies, etc. But the menu shows all entries dimmed so I can't choose the delete pick. I quit Cookie and tried to reinstall it, but I can't replace the app because it is running. I can't manually trash the app because it is open. Help!

  • Are you running an expired trial version? Look on the Removal tab in the top right corner of the window. The text should say V5.0.3

  • Ah yes. It probably happened because I couldn't figure out how to DL 5.x from your site, so got it from Apple. Then I upgraded from your site. 😞

    Having said that, how do I make things right?

  • I went to the App Store, DLed it, and it installed fine. Problem solved.

    It isn't easy getting/being old. 😉

  • Perfect!