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  • SessionRestore support issues
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    thats great!

  • Privatus support issues
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    @casper Privatus 7 was a paid upgrade. You can redownload v6 fro your license email. If you want to upgrade to 7, email me at [email protected] for an upgrade coupon

  • USBclean support issues
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    I'm surprised that you're unfamiliar with such a long-established competing product. I provided a link to the BlueHarvest main page above, in lieu of copy-and-pasting a bunch of its explanatory content into this post. Perhaps you could take a moment to click that link and check it out? I would think that any differences would stand out to you immediately.

  • ColorWell support issues
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    Ive just released v7.4.2 with some improvements to CMYK colors. But Apple doesn't have many inbuilt CMYK color profiles, so it still doesn't match the Adobe, or Affinity values you posted

  • Xliff Editor support issues
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    v2.9.14 is available in the App Store now and should fix this,
    apologies for the inconvenience

  • TuneTag support issues

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    No new posts.
  • Hides Support issues

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    Ive just uploaded v5.9.1 to my server which fixes this.
    the App Store version will be available after review by Apple

  • Invisible support issues
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    The main issue with this app is the data can't be saved ... its only functional if you never wipe your drive and always rely on Time Machine backups which I don't since they always introduce bugs and glitched during restore ... so I do things manually. The problem with this is well there is no way to save all the things you made invisible .... then when you need to find them you can't unless you a power user who knows the updated terminal commands apple keeps changing/removing/ ect.

    Request: to add iCloud support so this data is always saved and/or updated. and add an export/import option so we have access to what we made invisible and have better control of that data.

  • All other App Support issues
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