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    I found the same issue as SessionRestore and Safari 17/17.1 on Sonoma .

    I did the test of using Safari 17/17.1 recent history restore of all tabs and SessonRestore 2.7.7 only records one tab per window. As noted, if one manually reloads every tab in every window, then SessonRestore 2.7.7 can record them all.

    All tabs were recorded with Safari 16.6 - I don’t know what change Apple made to Safari 17/17.1 (still Ventura 13.6.1) to cause the difference.

    Prior to SessionRestore, I used a Script, based on postings on various forums many years ago, to record the name and url of every tab open in Safari. The script records all of the tabs without having to reload each tab manually. The script then saves the name and url of every tab in Safari to a text file in TextEdit which can be used to manually reload every tab.

    Use Script Editor in the Utilities folder to copy the code into Script Editor and create the script application.

    I don’t know how to modify the script to create a file that SessionRestore can use with Safari. There are many internet sites that discuss using the Script Editor if help is needed. I have only used the script through MacOS Ventura, but not Sonoma.

    tell application "Safari" --Variables set windowCount to number of windows set docText to "" --Repeat for Every Window repeat with x from 1 to windowCount set tabcount to number of tabs in window x --Repeat for Every Tab in Current Window repeat with y from 1 to tabcount --Get Tab Name & URL set tabName to name of tab y of window x set tabURL to URL of tab y of window x set docText to docText & "<a href=" & "\"" & tabURL & "\">" & tabName & "</a>" & linefeed as string end repeat end repeat end tell --Write Document Text tell application "TextEdit" activate make new document set the text of the front document to docText end tell


  • Privatus support issues
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    @SweetP said in Safari 17 Compatibility:

    This sounds like it is being restored via iCloud...

    Oh, That's right!
    I'm sorry & thank you so much!!

  • Minim support issues

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    Thanks, I’ll take a look when I get home

  • USBclean support issues
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    I'm surprised that you're unfamiliar with such a long-established competing product. I provided a link to the BlueHarvest main page above, in lieu of copy-and-pasting a bunch of its explanatory content into this post. Perhaps you could take a moment to click that link and check it out? I would think that any differences would stand out to you immediately.

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  • Xliff Editor support issues
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    v2.9.14 is available in the App Store now and should fix this,
    apologies for the inconvenience

  • TuneTag support issues

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    No new posts.
  • Hides Support issues

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    Ive just uploaded v5.9.1 to my server which fixes this.
    the App Store version will be available after review by Apple

  • Invisible support issues
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    The files are most likely still in the folder. You can show them with my free desktop utility app:


    Click the show invisible files button.
    Once you find them, remove the . From the beginning of the file name.
    Remember to click the hide invisible files button (in FrsktopUtility) once you have renamed them.

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