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  • TuneTag support issues

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    No new posts.
  • SessionRestore support issues
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    @NdnaJnz thats great!

  • Privatus support issues
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    Chrome is supported, and should show.
    The other browsers aren't supported in Privatus.

    Is Chrome in your Applications folder?

  • Minim support issues

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    And yet another feature request (proposal):

    What about using wildcards also to include an IP range, e.g. 192.168.1.* or something even more detailed (e.g. 1-10,12-19) for local devices/resources? Lot's of devices in LAN/WLAN or VPN use browser based controls that could be handled more differentiated thanks Minim.

  • USBclean support issues
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    I'm surprised that you're unfamiliar with such a long-established competing product. I provided a link to the BlueHarvest main page above, in lieu of copy-and-pasting a bunch of its explanatory content into this post. Perhaps you could take a moment to click that link and check it out? I would think that any differences would stand out to you immediately.

  • ColorWell support issues
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    @SweetP Okay, I understand. I must have been reading what I wanted into that statement. I appreciate your taking a look at forcing a sync. My idea was that I would create and manage palette's in ColorWell, which would keep palettes in Apple Color Picker updated in real time. That way I could use the Apple Color Picker in applications because it is readily available. I expect other people would find such a capability useful as well.

  • Xliff Editor support issues
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    I am running Xliff Editor on macOS 10.14.6.
    When I try to add new notes to segment pairs or edit existing notes (entered previously in other tools) in Xliff Editor, those changes are not saved when I save the file.
    Are you able to reproduce this behavior?

  • Hides Support issues

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    Ive just uploaded v5.9.1 to my server which fixes this.
    the App Store version will be available after review by Apple

  • Invisible support issues
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    The files are most likely still in the folder. You can show them with my free desktop utility app:


    Click the show invisible files button.
    Once you find them, remove the . From the beginning of the file name.
    Remember to click the hide invisible files button (in FrsktopUtility) once you have renamed them.

  • All other App Support issues
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