• I disabled Cookie several months ago when it was corrupting my Firefox profile on deleting cookies. I was reminded today by the AppStore wanting to update it to ask whether it is safe to enable it again? When it worked, it was fantastic, but having to rebuild a profile of bookmarks, history, favicons and preferences was such a pain.

  • If you are running Firefox 80 or better, Cookie now has improved support. Make sure that you disable Firefox's Delete Cookies and Site Data when Firefox is closed as this can cause issues when used in combination with Cookie

  • I'll try it out, as I'm on Firefox 80.0.1. Will report back.

  • Considerable slowness getting rid of 'Unwanted Data' - wait a few minutes, force quite Cookie, restart it, realise a few hundred cookies are gone, wait a few more minutes and repeat etc. Eventually, all unwanted data is gone. I have a copy of my profile, and we will see how this goes. Havene't checked default search engine yet - just did, and it is still DuckDuckGo. Will be excited if Cookie works again!

  • So far so good, though I do have a couple of forums where I get logged out - presumably cookies not being saved although marked as 'Favorites' - I have unchecked and then rechecked them in the Cookie window and we'll see if they stick. But so far, the first sign of corruption that used to happen (inability to export bookmarks) has not happened. Fingers crossed this works out as I would dearly love to use Cookie again.

  • That’s great, perhaps the logout issues are due to tracking cookie removal?

  • I do have it set to remove tracking cookies, but on the other hand I have all cookies from those forums ticked as favorites. This was not an issue in the past when I was using Cookie.

  • @chrism sites do change their cookie storage, I would try disabling cache removal first to see if that helps. Then go through and try whitelisting and tracking cookies and see if that has an effect.

  • I'm rather sad to report that after all this I have done away with Cookie. I did not get the gross corruption of my Firefox profile the way I had in the past, but there was an enormous slowdown of browsing to the point where it was unusable. I quit Cookie, and replaced my Firefox profile with a backup and all went back to normal.
    I can strongly recommend Cookie for those who choose to use Safari as a browser. I cannot do that, as I prefer to have some worthwhile ad-blocking options. If you use Firefox for that reason, Cookie does not seem to work as well as it once did.

  • @chrism were you running the timer in Cookie?
    I don’t really recommend that for any browser if so.

  • Timer? No. As well as the slowdown, I also discovered some sites stopped working properly. As in a Leica forum where I could not reply to a thread - or even THIS forum, where I had to open the thread in Safari in order to reply. Having replaced the profile with a backup, here I am replying directly in Firefox.
    I really like the idea of Cookie, and loved it when it got along with Firefox. Maybe at sometime in the future it will work again.

  • I’m looking into the webextensions api for better support. It will take sone time though...

  • Well that was a pretty bad few days, though I cannot be sure Cookie was to blame. Replacing the Firefox profile seemed to work, but so did any restart, briefly. But all the problems came back. Refreshing Firefox did not help. Then Safari and Mail (I assume their shared WebKit basis explains why both) started to play up. Wiped the disk and restored from backup, and things seem to work again. I don't want to go through that again!

  • Do you also use the privacy settings in Firefox to remove data on quit? Because that can cause issues of used in combination with cookie.you should use one or the other, but not both.

  • Cookie has NEVER been working correctlly with firefox, made me loose countless productivity time by multiples bugs : corrupting my profile, my extensions, it breaks history, and even breaking the browser (yes some websites doesn't work until you rebuild your database). I made multiple reports here just to see versions over versions with "fixes" that improves nothing. At the end, i just let firefox managing cookies as i m tired of reporting and loosing my profile and history again and again. Makes cookie useless since firefox is my main browser, actually i wish i can get a refund.

    So long story short : if you need firefox browser working, stay away from cookie until the dev makes serious work AND tests to provide reliable software that doesn't break your browser. I have enough of chasing database corruption in firefox after cookie "cleans" it, it's going on for months if not years.