• In Cookie 5, I always liked the little gear icon that popped up in the menu bar after I closed a browser, letting me know that Cookie was working. This doesn't seem to be a thing in v6 - is there a setting somewhere to re-enable it?

    If not - please consider adding it back. It was nice peace of mind.

  • interesting.
    that little gear icon was a byproduct of the external scripts that were required to remove Safari's cache and search history. Cookie 6 uses a different method to remove the cache, but still uses the old method to remove the search history. Search history is typically removed very quickly, so the gear animation won't show for so long....

    do you not use the notifications?

  • I try to keep my notifications for critical things. An extra notification for something that happens every time I close my browser isn't for me.

    All good either way, I just liked the gear icon. 🙂