Cookies not deleted even after system restart

  • Firstly, I just love this product!

    I run OS X 10.9 (Mavericks); Safari 7.0.1; Cookies 3.0.23; Remove: On Quit and On Browser Quit are both checked, Every: is not.

    Sometimes - I am guessing a bit less than half the time - after I quit Safari, and after I then restart the system, looking at the "Cookie Window" before I do anything else I still have bunches of non-favorites and tracking cookies showing. I can manually delete them at that time. This seems to be an error.

  • OK, I lied in the OP, because I find that I do not always terminate Safari before I restart. Thinking that could be an issue, I tested it, and in fact even then Cookie sometimes has cleared things out when I check immediately after restart.

    Which brought to mind some possibilities/questions:

    1. In fact you treat a restart as including a Safari termination, in which case it doesn't always work.
    2. If I really do terminate the browser before a restart, sometimes events proceed so fast that Cookie doesn't have a chance to do the clear before the system actually quits, and doesn't remember after the restart.

    If this is not, in fact, a bug (or feature as some used to call them :)), then I would love to see another check box in the Preferences which specifies to clean out the undesirables on system restart.

  • I would say number 2 is the culprit.

    Cookie actually runs two 'cleans' when Safari quits, as the first clean immediately after quit does not remove all data. Safari tends to write cookie data upto 6-7 seconds after quit. Cookie gets around this by clearing data 8 seconds after safari is quit. (only Safari, no other browser has this issue).

    So I guess, the system shuts down before Cookie can clear data the second time.

  • Ok thanks, I understand. I guess the question is: can you do something to change that? Like offering a user choice that, immediately upon starting, allows Cookie to clean up then?

  • Ill maybe add an option to clean cookies on System restart, I think thats the safest way. I'll look at implementing this into version 3.0.26

  • Thanks a lot. I wish all software providers were that interested. 🙂

  • ok,
    its implemented.

    I just need to localise it, and test.
    If you are using the trial version,
    feel free to email me for a test build.

    info a t sweetpproductions d o t c o m

  • V3.0.26 is available now in the MAS, I'll upload the trial version when I get home in a couple hours.

  • I DLed it and have used it today - so far, so good. Thanks a lot for addressing this issue so quickly.

  • Perfect,

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • More than four days and twenty or so restarts later, and the fix has been flawless. Thanks again.