Cookie not working silently in background

  • I have Cookie with the option "hide" in my login items, and I have Cookie set (in its advanced preferences) to run in the background.

    Besides that I have Cookie set to delete everything in every browser whenever I quit the browser (or shut the computer down) - and that works fine and without me seeing any of it.

    However, when I start my Mac the Cookie window appears on my screen and stays there until I close it manually - and that I don't want.

    What do I have to do to make Cookie to start and run completely invisible in the background (and only show up when I "restart" the application)?


  • Remove Cookie from your login items, and use the option in Cookie’s preferences.

    Then it should work like you expect

  • Thanks for the reply. For the most part it seems to work (I have to check this more often in the 4 browsers that I use).

    I also now discovered that Cookie is apparently not deleting Safari's history. See attached screen shots. What can be done about that?

    Cookie Preferences 1.jpeg
    Cookie Preferences 2.jpeg
    Cookie Preferences 3.jpeg
    Cookie Preferences 4.jpeg
    Safari History.jpeg

  • It may be getting restored via icloud

  • Excellent catch! Safari's history disappears when I deactivate iCloud for Safari. Thanks!

    Strange is that, when Safari is activated for iCloud, Safari's history can be deleted manually and then this action gets synchronized and there is no history when I quit Safari and start it again - but when Cookie deletes the history this action does not get synchronized. Is that by design, or is it a flaw, or can it not be otherwise?

  • I think I found the answer myself. Cookie is deleting (or editing) files directly on the hard drive and not cleaning up from within Safari (or any other browser). Therefore Safari does not "know" that the history has been deleted and restores the "missing" files. Correct?

  • @resucami yes that is correct

  • I thought everything would work well now, but apparently it does not.
    This morning, after starting my computer, I checked the Chrome browsing data directly after starting Chrome - and found it full with crap. See screen shot. I then started Cookie manually, quit Chrome, waited a little, started Chrome, and checked the data again - and there was nothing.
    Apparently Cookie is not deleting Chrome's data unless I have started Cookiemanually. Remember, I took Cookie out of my startup items and relied only on the Cookie preference setting "Open Cookie at Login" (which is still active).
    How can this be fixed, or is Cookie in the end not really working reliably?

    PS: I just saw that Cookie also did not delete Safari's history automatically. I seems to me that something with the setting "Open Cookie at Login" is not working. It seems to me that Cookie needs to be in the startup items in order to work as it should - and that means that I have to see its window after each startup and to close it manually (because also the automatic hiding of the application does not work).

    Chrome Browsing Data.jpeg

  • Are Automatic removals enabled in Cookie.

    Are you shutting down your computer without quitting Chrome first? If so, Cookie may not have time to complete removal before the state shuts down

  • @SweetP Yes, I shut the computer down without quitting running applications first. That should not matter since Cookie should also delete everything at login (which it apparently doesn't).

    Just as a precaution: I don't start Chrome directly after starting the computer. This morning I waited at least 10 minutes before starting Chrome. Cookie would have had plenty of time to delete the data.

  • hmm,

    Cookie relies on using the start at login option in Preferences to know it needs to clean. Use and Hide - to not open the window.

    If Cookie is not opening via the built in method, then it won't run the cleaning schedule.