Cookie 6 issues on fresh OS X install

  • Ok, I have an old iMac running a non updatable OS X version with Cookie Ver 5, I started with Cookie Ver 1, all is well. Wife has a MacBook Air running OS X 10.15.3 running Cookie 6.0.16 with no problems, upgraded from Cookie Ver 5. iMac is starting to die, I have a MacBook Air that went to my kids college, wiped it, downloaded a clean copy of OS X 10.15.5. I cannot get Cookie 6 to initialize on this MacBook Air. It downloads from the App Store but just loops. So is it a License issue? I have looked all the fixes but cannot get it to set its self up.

  • perhaps you have the trial version?
    try moving Cookie to the trash,
    then redownload from your Purchase tab in the App Store

  • After wiping my MacBook Air and downloading a clean copy of OS X 10.15.5, I went to the App Store and downloaded Cookie 6. So my wife's MacBook Air has been continually updated from day one and now sits at OS X 10.15.3, also updated from Cookie 5 to Cookie 6, no problems, works like a charm. My problem is a clean install of OS X 10.15.5 and a clean install of Cookie 6. I really depend on Cookie, so I really need it to work. The only one Apple programs on my MacBook Air are 1Password and Cookie, everything else is factory.

  • So you can’t download via the App Store?
    Is that the issue?