Keeps Forgetting Me, Frequently

  • (this is on my MacMini running Mojave 10.14.6, Safari 13.1) Within a matter of minutes, even though I clicked Remember Me, Amazon forgets me. Not only my password, but my login name, too.
    I was having an issue with Amazon constantly getting "too many redirects" issues, which revolved around my digital orders mostly. It seemed that sort of got under control when I whitelisted everything I could find in Cookie that touches Amazon at all...
    However, that seems to have created this new issue which Amazon constantly logging me off and forgetting me, not only my password, but my username, too (Yes, I click Remember Me).
    So, I QUIT Cookie and for 24 hours Amazon does not log me off or forget me. And, the "too many redirects" has returned.
    I don't know what settings I need to fix. I have uninstalled Cookie completely and just left defaults, and that doesn't do it, I've tried manual settings, favoriting everything Amazon, that doesn't stop it from logging me out (within minutes!!). I am still running Cookie 5 on my Macbookpro (Mojave 10.14.6, Safari 13.1) and it doesn't have these issues... can stay logged into Amazon for days and just have to provide password when doing something sensitive. At this moment in time, it seems to be only Amazon with this behavior.
    What am I doing wrong? Any ideas? Any suggestions on how to fix this??

  • try disabling cache removal