Are there "Anti-favorites"? A specific group of sites TO be regularly deleted?

  • I'm evaluating the software - which seems quite good and well designed - but I'm at a loss for some functionality I think might be there. It looks like you can mark favorites which are immune to the purges you either do ad hoc or on a schedule or event.

    I'm looking for an inverse. I generally don't have an issue with tracking cookies and enjoy the convenience they provide for continuity when coming back to sites - even infrequently used sites. Rather, I have a small list of specific sites that are completely obnoxious with their cookies. I'd like to specifically target them. My first look at the product and I mis-assumed that the "favorites" were those specific sites I wanted to remove. Instead, after reading the documentation, those are ones immune to being cleared out.

    Is there any way to configure the functionality I'm describing? Cookies stay, save for the specifically identified sites?



  • theres no such feature currently in Cookie...

  • Thanks for the prompt reply!

    Seems very well built and your documentation is fantastic. It just doesn't fit my needs at the moment. Thank you!