Select unwanted data has 'non-favorites' checkbox. Can't predict what will be deleted.

  • I cannot figure out the meaning of 'non-favorites' on the Select Unwanted data panel.

    Had that option not been there, I would have assumed that the list referred to all non-favorite items. I would have checked all of the boxes because, if it's not a favorite, I want its data gone.

    However, the presence of the non-favorites checkbox makes me think that the unwanted data might apply to all websites as a general cleanup option.

    That said, I can't figure out what the non-favorites means.

    **So, the questions:

    1. if I check 'favicon' in the Select Unwanted panel, will cookie6 delete all favicon in the world or just for those that do not have a check in the Websites listing?

    2. What happens when I only check 'non-favorites', and no other things, in the Select Unwanted panel?**

    Thanks for the help.

  • non favorites are anything in the main window which is unchecked.
    all the other options:
    History, Favicons, Webpage previews, Form Values, Downloads Website Preferences, Other Search Engines

    are treated differently to the cookies/databases/flash in the main window. They are removed as All or Nothing. (no relation to favorited websites)