Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome using Cookie!?

  • Just started trying Cookie for the first time and all my chrome bookmarks are now gone? First of all, which option is deleting them? Second, can I get them back? Seriously frustrating. Years of work organizing bookmarks that I use for work may be lost and I'd be seriously in trouble!

  • @mrcookiemaker thats odd,
    Ive had no reports of this happening from anyone else?

    If you have a time machine backup, you should be able to restore your bookmarks by restoring the Chrome folder:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome

  • Nope, don't use time machine 😞
    Which option is deleting them or messing with Google sync?
    How do I see chrome user bookmarks? Not sure what profile it was under.

  • Yeah, I'm totally screwed if I can't find these bookmarks )-:

  • @mrcookiemaker are you sure Cookie did this,
    Cookie only reads the bookmarks file if you have Synchronize with Browser Bookmarks checked on the Advanced tab in Preferences.

    Im not sure how they could be deleted?

  • Ok, so I checked my settings in Cookie and "Synchronize with browser bookmarks" is not checked and never has been. What is cookie doing to chrome's users though? In other words, is there a removal selection that affects chrome users and or data? Possibly "unwanted data" or something else? It might be that I was logged into another google account or not at all and the bookmarks are stored apart from my main user login. Before using Cookie, I think I never actually enabled sync but chrome grabbed one of my gmail logins or something and stored my bookmarks under that. I tried a few of my most likely gmail logins but wasn't able to scrounge up any different bookmarks than the ones associated with my main gmail user login/ newly reset chrome user login. If you're confused, I totally understand! I blame chrome more than anything. Have always hated the way it sets up users and automatically throws one of my gmail logins into the chrome top right (but isn't even "synced" if I don't allow it) - I think. God its so confusing. Any way to search chrome application settings for other bookmark profiles? Or other ideas? Appreciate it!