Corrupted storage.sqlite (Firefox)

  • I've got some problems using Cookie (using 6.0.14 on MacOS 10.14.6) and Firefox (which is my main browser - actually I'm using V76.0.1).
    Every now and then (I'm not able to reproduce the error) something is not working within Firefox. Today I was not able to watch an Amazon Prime Video. I klicked on a video link but nothing happened. There are other examples like this.
    The Firefox Console shows an error Message in this cases: "NS_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPTED". Actually I'm checking the console immediately as soon something seems to be mysterious and it's always that message which comes up.
    This message is shown as soon something is wrong within the storage.sqlite file.

    The Fix is to delete storage.sqlite within the FF profile. As soon a new one is generated everything works fine again. But: Everything which was included within the file is lost so I have to setup several things afterwards which sucks a little bit 😉 )
    While Cookie is the only tool I use which modifies that file from "outside" Firefox I'm (sorry) blaming Cookie here.
    I don't use the timer within cookie, I just ask Cookie to delete the unwanted cookies after closing Firefox. And yes, I've set the storage settings within cookie to keep the entries for the important domains (e.g. Amazon).

    My idea is that something wents wrong as soon Cookie deletes the local storage for the non-favourite Domains.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks and best regards,

  • hmm,
    ok thanks for letting me know
    ill take a look tonight and see if I see anything

  • ive just uploaded a new beta, could you run that and let me know if you still see the problem:

  • Hi Russel!
    Sorry for my late response (I thought I would receive a notification mail as soon there's a reply here but that was a misunderstanding about the "watch" function of the forum.
    Thanks for your reply - I just downloaded the beta and will come back to you as soon I've got some results.