‘could not open the page, too many redirects"

  • Is there a setting I'm missing? After I installed (fresh, clean install) Ver6, I keep getting ‘could not open the page, too many redirects" in Safari. Mostly at amazon.com and particularly when viewing an order from my order list. I read online to go to Privacy and clear website data.

    Is there a way to have cookie handle this? Right now it seems it's only Amazon.com, but it is really annoying. Is it something that Cookie 6 can take care of??
    Thank you!

  • @gistmeperry are you using the timer to remove data?
    that can potentially cause issues on some sites

  • Hi Russell. No, not for Safari. I do have timer set for Brave.
    I have tried making all of Amazon Favorite and un-Favoriting it.
    The only way to get Amazon to stop with this (for a time period..it comes back no matter what) is I have to go to Safari, Preferences, Privacy, Manage Web Site Data, wait for it to populate, either delete it all, or just the Amazon related ones. It only works for a while though. It does come back and I'm not sure how long or what makes it come back!


  • Try marking Amazon as a favorite, and also try whitelisting any RED tracking cookies, by right-clicking(control-clicking) on them and selecting Add to Whitelist

  • @SweetP I added the Red tracking cookies to whitelist. I'll test that out for a while, keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂 I'll repost at some point (giving it a few days basically). Thank you!🙂

  • Nope. didn't work! the tracking cookies are still whitelisted and most of Amazon favorite. I don't understand why Deleting the website data for Amazon, (temp) corrects it. If you have any other suggestions...I'm open. Otherwise, IDK!