localstorage not being deleted

  • I have cookie set to delete everything, and all cookies are being deleted (except favorites) -- but when I check in Chrome or Safari website localstorage items remain and can only be deleted through the browser's options. Any thoughts about this?

  • Are they still displayed after a browser restart?

  • yes, they are still displayed after a browser restart. A good example is NYPost.com, for which Safari and Chrome continue to indicate a local storage entry even after a browser restart and a system restart. I'm using MacOS 10.15.4 and updated browsers -- and the Mac App Store version of Cookie.

  • @rhsauer I’ll take a look today

  • It seems that this does work as expected (i.e., localstorage databases are deleted) if the simple cookie user interface is selected, but localstorage databases are not deleted if the advanced interface is selected (no matter what deletion options are selected).

  • @rhsauer interesting, thanks

  • I may have spoken too soon. Even using the simple interface certain Safari caches are not deleted.

  • I have this same issue.

  • are you sure the databases are not just being regenerated by Safari upon launch?

    Safari prefetches data on launch, and may be visiting these site in the background (on launch) to grab the favicons and webpage previews.

  • I have the same problem.

  • Yes, I'm sure these are not databases that are being regenerated by Safari upon launch. First, the problem exists in Safari, Chrome and Edge. Second, the databases that are retained are for random sites I've visited that are not in my favorites or would be pre-fetched by any browser for any reason.

  • No movement on this? It's been over a month since I raised this. This flaw makes Cookie less than useful.

  • Hasn't answered mine either: https://support.sweetpproductions.com/topic/658/still-logged-in

    Cookie used to be a great product, but right now, I just can't trust it and have resorted to deleting everything through Safari preferences, which means no "favorites" that I can keep. Frustrating.

    Russell, please at least acknowledge whether you're working on these problems!

  • I cant reproduce this, all localStorage are removed for me on quitting the browser. Are you restarting the browser immediately after quitting?

    Cookie runs 2 cleaning tasks (for remove on Browser Quit) - once 2s after quit, and then again 10s later. So if you are restarting Safari before these 2 removal tasks finishes, you may see the behaviour you describe. The reason Cookie removes 2x, and so long after browser quit, is that Safari (all browsers) write data to disk during quit (and even after)

  • The issue is most reliably reproduced for me when I'm using the advanced view. Local Storage associated with cookies that are not Favorites is not reliably deleted. I've switched off the advanced view and things seem to work better.