Cookie v6.0.12 Setup Window not working

  • It appears that the "Open Setup Window" option for Cookie v6.0.12 isn't working properly. The only time I was able to interact with the advanced setup options was immediately after the v6.0.12 update was installed. Now that it is installed, I can't access the Advanced options anymore:

    Clicking "Open Setup Window" results in:

    • Importing Cookie 5 settings doesn't appear to do anything
    • There's no way to select the advanced view/setup options, or interact with them
    • The setup step "Now select which websites you would like to keep..." doesn't display anything.
    • The setup step "Choose which data you would like Cookie to remove..." doesn't display anything.
    • The setup step "Select when you would like Cookie to remove the browser data." doesn't display anything.
    • The setup step "Choose which data you would like Cooke to remove when the timer fires..." doesn't display anything.
    • After the setup process runs, clicking the "Open Setup Window" button displays the setup steps again, but there's still no way to view or configure any of the Advanced setup options per above.

  • That sounds odd,
    Are you using the App Store version?

    I’ll take a look tonight

  • I don't know if I'm using the App Store version – I've had a license for a very long time and it just updates itself.

    Out of curiosity I launched the Cookie app itself from my Applications folder and I'm now able to view the browser-specific settings. This has also caused Cookie to start appearing again when I select "Show Cookie" from the task bar menu – before it had not been showing up at all. Somehow every website I've visited for a given timeframe was selected and marked as a favorite - so effectively Cookie wasn't removing any data at all.