• Hello. I have a domain set as a favorite for all browsers. Yet the local storage for this site is cleared whenever I quit my browser. How do I setup Cookie so that local storage for my favorite is left undisturbed?

    Under Browser "All", there is a check mark (not a dash) checked on the domain and all items within. Under Unwanted Data I have Tracking Cookies and Non-Favorites checked. Everything else is unchecked. Under Removal Options, I have On Quit, On Browser Quit, When computer wakes from sleep, and At login checked.

    When I quit Cookie and then load my favorite site, quit the browser, and relaunch, the local storage remains. When Cookie is running and I attempt the same, the local storage is cleared. Thanks for your help.

  • Are you displaying all Data? or just cookies?
    You may not actually have the local storage databases added as favorites - if you have the Cookies view loaded.