Must Use Activity Monitor to Force Quit Cookie v6.0.9

  • On my 2015 iMac running Catalina 10.15.2 and Cookie v6.0.9, Cookie is driving me crazy.
    This morning, when I woke my iMac, I got the window noting at the top "Cookie needs to access this path to continue. Click allow to continue."
    I clicked <Allow> over 20 times (I counted) and finally had to open Activity Monitor to force quit it.
    I tried to open Cookie again; again same thing. Had to use AM to force quit.
    Did a restart; exactly the same behavior.
    BTW when the "Cookie needs to access this path to continue. Click allow to continue." window is active, I cannot use anything else on the iMac. I have to force quit Cookie in order to get any work done.
    The only thing I have added to the iMac recently is the browser Iridium.
    What do folks suggest?

  • have you been running Safari in Private browsing mode?
    or do you also use some other cleaning app?
    if so, make sure to browse a couple of non-private sites to generate a Cookies.binaryCookies file.

    Also make sure Cookie is in your Applications folder.

  • I have not been running Safari in private browsing mode, but do occasionally run Firefox and the newly downloaded Iridium browsers in privacy mode.

    I just used all three browsers to visit a half dozen sites in non-privacy mode.
    I used FindMyFile to search for Cookies.binaryCookies and it found 24 such files on my iMac. Here's a link to a screenshot of those results: .jpg?dl=0
    I just opened Cookie from the Applications folder and got the <cookie needs to access/Allow> window.
    After clicking on two of these, the main Cookie window opened.
    Got the Allow window again, four times, then the Cookie main window opened.
    As soon as I chose Remove Tracking cookies from the main Cookie window, again, got the small Allow window again and had to click on it 4 times and finally the tracking cookies were removed .
    When I went to Dropbox to add the screenshot I noted above, once again, the Allow window appeared.
    I do use freemacsoft's AppCleaner when I delete Applications, but I have never used it to delete Cookie.

  • 17 hours and no response.
    When I woke the iMac this morning, I once again had to hit the <Alllow> button for Cookie roughly two dozen times before Cookie finally settled down.

    Russell, what would be your reaction to using FindAnyFile to locate and delete all traces of Cookie, except Cookie's preferences file, then d/l and install a fresh copy of Cookie?

  • Used the computer for about an hour, put it to sleep, and about 10' later it awoke with the Cookie <Allow> window foremost and once again, had to click through over a dozen <Allow> windows.
    In total frustration I used App Cleaner to delete Cookie, then used FindAnyFile to find any remnants and deleted them too.
    Just downloaded the 14-day trial from the site.
    I'll report back on what happens.

  • cold you post a screenshot of the allow window?
    I wonder which window it is, you may be trying to give access to a path which doesn't exist - ie the flash folder, if you dont have flash installed could cause a loop like this.