Cookie 6 repeatedly asks for folder sandbox permission when clearing Firefox non-favorite databases

  • Firefox 70, Cookie 6.0.4
    I've tried resetting Cookie several times as well as granting permissions in different ways (Full Disk Access in System Prefs, Global Access in Cookie prefs, individual folder permissions in Cookie prefs). However, when Cookie tries to clear non-favorite databases, it asks for sandbox permission to access ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/XXXXXXXX.default/storage/default, even though it should already have permission to ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox. It does this every time Cookie clears non-favorite databases and will repeatedly ask for permission each time, depending on how many non-favorite databases there are (eg. there are 3 non-favorite databases, Cookie requests permission to the folder 3 times).

  • Same here.
    I've to confirm an grant-access-message for every Firefox-Site-DB within profile/.../storage/default that Cookie wants to delete. Like endjam I tried granting full disk access, setting chmod 777 for the directories - nothing helps.
    I'm using Cookie 6.0.4 on MacOS 10.14.6.
    Could you please fix this or give us any advice how to avoid that messages? Thanks!

  • If you remove all sandbox permissions from the advanced tab in preferences.
    then restart Cookie, and give "Global Access" in the browser prompt, it should fix it now. Ill get it fixed for specific permissions in v6.0.5

  • Thanks, Russell!
    I did this and now the messages concerning Firefox don't show up so far. I just did a few quick tests but no more annoying permission-messages right now 🙂
    "Global access" is ok for me - but it would be great if you can find a solution/fix for specific permissions. So I'm looking forward 6.0.5 🙂