Cookie is damaged and can't be opened every second time it's started

  • I bought Cookie6 from the App Store. After install and setup, the next time I start it, it doesn't start.
    After a while and sometimes right away I get this message: "Cookie is damaged and can't be opened. Delete Cookie and download it again from the app store."
    I tried importing cookie 5 settings, not importing them, doing iCloud sync not doing that and in between deleting all app data mentioned here:
    FYI, I uninstalled all data from cookie 6 also to retry.

    In short, the second time I start cookie, it crashes. How do I resolve or trouble-shoot this? Cookie 5 worked without flaw ever since it was released.


  • do you have any Cookie crash logs located here:

    could you send them to [email protected]

  • I've just purchased the latest version having used .5 without issue for a long time. I'm receiving the same error message and there are no crash logs. Just the message.

    Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 14.22.37.png

  • I just sent you 4 crash logs. I didn't notice there was a reply here, so sorry for my slow response.