• I'm using cookie 6 app store version and notice that HSTS cookies are not being deleted for non-favourites. I have removal set to delete the caches on Safari &/or Cookie quit. The scripts are in place.

    The cache removal script 11/04/19 is:
    usr/bin/killall -KILL nsurlstoraged
    find /private/var/folders ! -name "SafariTechnologyPreview" -name "com.apple.Safari"
    -exec rm -r {} ; 2>/dev/null

    Not sure why there needs to be a separate script but I seem to have aquired a Safari TP cache script 28/03/19 (there's another forSafari TP history):

    /usr/bin/killall -KILL nsurlstoraged
    find /private/var/folders -name "SafariTechnologyPreview" -exec rm -r {} ; 2>/dev/null