Databases won't go away in Safari

  • Using Cookie v6.0.1 on MacOS V. 10.14.6. Did a full uninstall of Cookie 5.
    In Safari, Cookie is set to delete "On Quit" & "On Browser Quit." has also been given Full Disk Access in System Preferences - Security & Privacy/Privacy tab.
    Everything is removed properly except for site databases. The databases remain in Safari no mater how many times I quite, reboot machine, et al.
    Any help is, of course, appreciated... that's why i logged in here.

  • Are the databases Browser Extensions. you may need to uncheck Never remove Browser Extensions on the Advanced tab in Preferences.

  • Ok. Done - 1) I removed "Never remove Browser Extensions" checkmark 2) Quit Safari, and the data bases were still there when I checked "in Safari" upon reopening. 3) Then I quit Cookie, launched it again, opened Safari, and quit Safari again. I did get the Cookie Notification that the Databases had been deleted, which gave me hope. However, upon opening Safari and taking another look -- data bases were still there, all of them.

  • @breuk can you expand the databases by clicking on the triangle indicator. then right click on the individual databases and select Reveal in finder.

    does that work?

  • Here's the odd thing -- In Cookie, under Safari, the databases are not listed at all. Cookie has no sign of them. It is in the Safari Privacy preferences under "Manage Website Data" where they are persistent.

    I just wiped them out manually using the Safari method, Quit browser, rebooted machine, launched bunch of normal websites, quit Safari again, launched Safari... and databases are back again. Cookie is doing an amazing job of wiping out everything from that Safari dialog box...except for databases... ☹

  • can you give me an example of one which shows in Safari but not Cookie.

  • Update: Outside of the SweetP stuff in the Cookie Websites box. I do find local storage from DuckDuckGo & a Flash related item. I am going to disable the two extensions I use and see if this makes of difference.

    This is what i see that is a little out of the ordinary:
    safari-extension_co.highly.safari [big file name stuff]
    & a Flash related file:

    Will see what happens after extension removal from Safari & will let you know.

  • I uninstalled all extensions in Safari. This had no effect on Cookie's ability to delete databases. They are all still there and must be removed manually through Safari. Any Ideas guys? LMK. Thanks for the help.

  • I missed an earlier message/question from you: "can you give me an example of one which shows in Safari but not Cookie"
    Here are a few of them:

  • ah yes I see!
    ill look into this, I need to find out where they are stored on disk

  • I see the problem,
    they are orphaned databases - the databases have been removed, but the references to them have not. Ill get this fixed in an update

  • ill rewrite Safari's database parser to be more thorough, in the next update for Cookie.

  • Wow. Nice sleuthing work. More like ghost databases since the data is gone and only a shadow remains. Look forward to the update. Thanks for the help.