Cookie 6 doesn't recognize Cookie 4 favorited export

  • I just purchases Cookie 6 and am trying to upgrade from Cookie 4. I have exported my favorites from Cookie 4, but when I try to import them in Cookie 6 the exported .txt file is grayed out and can't be chosen to import. Please provide some more detailed information on how to upgrade from Cookie 4.

  • thats odd,
    are you using the trial version, or the App Store version?

    have you tried to restart Cookie

  • The App Store version. Purchased full price. Still haven't been able to get it to work.

    Honestly the upgrade process was a mess. Cookie 4 remained on my Mac and continued to run. Cookie 6 was purchased but couldn't be found anywhere in the app folder. The Icons for cookie 4 and Cookie 6 look exactly alike and it was hard to tell which one was in the app folder. Also on the App Store Cookie 6 is just called "Cookie" and there's no indication of the version number anywhere on the page.

    I love Cookie when it works but always dread upgrading because the process always seems to be more difficult than it should be.

  • Also to clarify, I did restart Cookie, and the browser, and the Mac. I also completely removed Cookie 4 and Cookie 6 and reinstalled Cookie 6 from the App Store. Still no option to import Cookie 4 favorites export.

  • you should be able to import it from the main window. just click the small heart icon in the bottom right of the window.