HighSierra gets left out

  • The New version of Session Restore and the old version/Extension Sessions DO NOT work with High Sierra. There's no Session saving for High Sierra and that's as far as my machine can go...!
    Any ideas??
    --------------------following posted under the old Sessions...js forum-----------------
    "SessionRestore was working okay with Sierra. I updated. my machine to HighSierra and SessionRestore was gone. And even tho I tried to put back, Safari says it doesn't support it, so it's a No Go.

    I actually have my Sessions backed up, but I have NO way to access them. Any ideas?
    My machine cannot update to Mojave. So even tho my Safari is updated, the newest Sessions app will not work with HS, only Mojave.
    Help! I would really like to get my Sessions in some kind of file I could at least make bookmarks!
    Thank you for any help!!"

  • @gistmeperry im away from my computer till Monday night, but I’m sure I had a tool to export SessionRestore sessions. I don’t remember the format it exports to, but I’ll look at creating a tool to export to standard json when I get home.

  • Thank You! That would Really help! I believe I can open json with Nisus. From there I can edit and save maybe bookmarks. Might be some work, but otherwise I've got no way to access. Thank you for helping.

  • I have uploaded an export utility, and tutorial here:

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