ITunes / Safari cookies question

  • I have been having some annoying issues with iTunes where it continually prompts me for my AppleID password (6 times minimum). In the process of trying to work this out with Apple support they have told me that if my cookie settings in Safari block all cookies it may be causing the problem. I do not block all cookies (I do block 3'rd party... cookies).

    Is it possible that Cookies is somehow creating this problem or corrupting something that results in iTunes continually asking for me to re-enter my password??

    I understand there isn't much info to go on but thought it would be worthwhile seeing if anyone else using Cookies has seen similar issues.


  • A quick fix would be to make a favourite.

  • I sometimes have an issue regarding the cookies of Safari. It does allow me to cross the domain cookies when i want to delete the the safari cache keeping the history data and other cookies.