• When I open the Activity monitor I see consistently high CPU usage coming from the Cookie 5 process. It's at 75-150% many times. This happens even if I have all of my browsers closed ( Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

    Is there any suggestion on how to troubleshoot this? Any log files to look at?

    Mac Version: 10.14.5
    Cookie Version: v5.9.10

    99 Domains, 64 Favorites, 161 Cookies, 222 Databases, 3 Flash, 0 Silverlight, 3 Tracking cookies


  • Cookie will refresh the cookie view (if the cookie window is open) every time a file changes inside the browser data folders. Chrome browsers will cause the biggest CPU hits. (if you have multiple users - as each user account is essentially a seperate browser)

    the easiest way to avoid the CPU hit, is to only have the Cookie window open when you're actually inspecting cookies.

  • I did some experimentation and I seemed to solve the problem. First I moved the ~Library/Containers/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5 and restarted Cookie5, but that did not seem to solve anything. Then I cleared the sandbox permissions and re-gave the app the permissions it was asking for and that seemed to do the trick.

    Now I'm seeing much better % CPU values -- Seems to be hanging out under 1% and occasionally on spot checks I see it get to %10. But before that it was at least 50-150% and my fan was constantly whirring.
    This all seems to be timed with when I switched to Firefox as my primary browser. Maybe the app needed permissions to monitor firefox resources and was in some kind of infinite loop unsuccessfully trying to ask for permissions?

    Seeing your answer to have cookies in the background, I did try that this morning, and now I can't see to have access to Cookie5 preferences. I open the app, but I don't see the apps menu. How can I get to the preferences?


  • I found a reference to this missing preferences in your forum here and used the given command to find them. So I'm all good. Thanks.

  • perfect!

    thats interesting with the sandbox permissions. ill remember that

  • On a related note -- Can you clarify what specific sandbox access permissions you actually require -- The UI that pops up is not very clear. It seem to be asking for permissions to my whole user directory, but the same the request pops up a half dozen times. I reluctantly accepted as I want to get it working, but it doesn't see right that you need access my entire home directory.

    Is this something I can check through OSX administration?


  • Cookie 6 is almost ready for release with much more granular permissions requests. Cookie 5 is 4yrs old now, and asks for the whole directory access, because it made sense back then...

    you should only need to provide access just the once though, thats why it is a global request. have you tried a computer restart?
    something seems to be wrong with your install if you are constantly giving access permissions

  • assuming you have all supported browsers enabled, there are close to 200 files Cookie needs access to, to fully function.