Losing login on 'Favourite'

  • I have an account on [url=http://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/]this support forum[/url] for another app. I was getting logged out every few minutes, before realising this behaviour was likely due to Cookie.

    So I made the domain a Favourite in Cookie. But sadly the logging out behaviour has continued unabated. Why???

  • Perhaps there is also a cache cookie or a database which is being set.
    If it is the cache, you will either need to disable the timer function, or the cache removal option.

  • Russell,

    By timer function I assume you mean the "Remove every X minutes while browser is open" option? And by cache removal option, I assume you mean the "Browser cache" checkbox under 'Configure unwanted data'? I've tried deselecting both of those and the problem on the other forum persists.

  • are there any tracking cookies listed under that domain?
    if so, add them to the whitelist:
    highlight the tracking cookies (one at a time)
    right click (to show the context menu)
    select "Add to Whitelist"

    *note this only works for individual cookies, not entire domains

  • How would I know whether a cookie is a tracking cookie?

    In case it helps, here's a screencap ...

  • it would be coloured red.... so no tracking cookies there...