Typing hex color not possible by second or later open.

  • ColorWell is seated in my menubar.
    When I open ColorWell the first time, it's working fine.
    When I type a hex code the color in the background is colored according to the hex code.
    After I finished the colouring work I close ColorWell.
    The next time I open ColorWell, I can type the hex code, but the background color no longer changes and also the rest (Color name, RGB, HSL, HSB, Lab and CMYK) aren't updated anymore.
    In fact a change in any field no longer updates the rest of ColorWell.
    I have to quit ColorWell and start the application to make it work again.
    Unfortunately the process repeats itself (start reading from the beginning of the text).

    Selecting a color by using the color picker does work, but I often work with hex codes and less with the color picker.

    Mac mini (late 2012) 16GG memory
    macOS 10.14.3 Mojave
    ColorWell v7.1.3

  • I have noticed this also, but couldn’t see any pattern for what causes it. My laptop is currently being serviced, but I’ll take another look at this when I get it back.

    I’ll test your workflow, and see if that is reproducible for me.

  • ok,

    I have this fixed in v7.1.4 which I've just uploaded to my store and Apple for review. The Ma App Store version will take a day or 2 for Apple to review.

  • Thank you.
    I updated ColorWell to v7.1.4 and it works fine now. 🙂

  • perfect!