Forced to delete & re-download then App store not providing download link

  • Hi,
    Got a notice from MacOS today that there had been an update to Cookie 5. So I gave permission to update the app. At that point I was asked for the password I had used to purchase this app because it was purchased on another computer (as an aside I purchased Cookie 5 on the same computer not a different computer). In any case I entered the password, which had not changed either, and then was informed by Mac OS that the file was "bad" and needed to be deleted from the app store and re-installed. I deleted the file however when I went to the app store I could not re-download the app. I was never provided a link to download the app. I have attempted to upload a screenshot of the App Store page but the support tool is telling me it has some sort or parsing error when it uploads the PNG. I've tried several times to no avail.
    If this issue is on my end I will reach out to Apple.

  • that does sound like a Mac App Store issue.
    If you run into problems with Apple, and get get it sorted out - send me an email.

    [email protected]

  • After rebooting my computer I ended back in the loop again. I could download the app but was informed that the app was bad, delete and re-download. At that point I did reach out to Apple and the only thing they could come up with is that I should reinstall MacOS. This has fixed the problem, for now. The problem has hit me several times in the past several months.

    FYI, before reinstalling I had a similar issue when trying to open 1Password to get my credentials for another site. So it isn't isolated to your app. In the future I will go straight for Apple Support.

    Not sure what is happening to MacOS or why but it certainly is discouraging.

    I do want to thank you for your timely response & for a great product.