Install from App store not able to run. Get error "Cookie 5 is damaged"

  • I just updated to version 5.9.2 and I am now getting an error telling me that Cookie 5 is damaged and I should delete it and reinstall it from the app store. I do this but the problem persists. Previously when this happened I believe it was an issue with app store.

    Also FYI when I was updating the app I was asked me for my AppleID at the time I purchased Cookie 5. I believe I got this right but am not 100% certain. It was a while ago.

  • hmm,

    I would try a computer restart, and try to re-download from the App Store

  • I ended up reinstalling macOS because this same problem was appearing for a few more apps (Yoink & 1Password). Once I was back up and running I re-installed Cookie 5. Went through the configuration steps and had to re-start Cookie 5 after allowing it it Full File Access in privacy settings. Upon restart I was presented with a window that stated that the app was purchased on a different computer (my previous iMac) and asked me to re-enter the Apple-ID password that I used for the purchase. This is the same password I currently use, so I entered it and then started to receive the damaged app notifications again.

    So I deleted the app, rebooted, reinstalled and everything appears to be working properly.

    Is the prompt to enter my AppleID password generated by your code because of something it is detecting or is it generated by Apple? I ask because it seems to me to be a problem asking for old passwords. Old passwords could have been compromised, forgotten, etc. If it is Apple I want to submit feedback to them.

  • woah,
    that sounds pretty extreme.

    Cookie doesn't ask for your password at all, at least not directly. It has some receipt checking code, which checks if your App Store receipt is valid. This may prompt the OS to ask you to login to your account?