• Does anyone know which of the 7 (currently) cookies granted unto us by Facebook is / are the one/s that store one's current login - as distinct from the snooping type ones?

    I'd like to whitelist the relevant one/s, but otherwise not have FB as a favourite domain for cookies. But I've so far tried whitelisting each of the them on its own, without success (i.e. my login isn't saved).

    It could be that it requires some combination of 2 or more of them. Or then again maybe Mark has it so well stitched together that separating the login from the tracking is impossible. (Surely not 😉

    Anyway I don't have enough hours in the day to keep experimenting. Does anyone perchance know the secret?

  • Update: This document: http://dragon.ak.fbcdn.net/cfs-ak-snc6/84992/979/395701387118444_1090193793.pdf may offer clues.

    I've just added the three cookies" c_user, lu, and xs to the whitelist. Seems like it might do the trick. Will report back …


  • Update: A bit more testing. Now seems I can do without the "lu" cookie as well, without losing my login. So conclusion is you can stay logged in to FB by whitelisting the two cookies: "c_user" and "xs".

    Knowing FB, this could all change at some future time.

    Hope this helps someone.