problem still there

  • I previously reported issues about endless For some months I stopped using Cookie until this morning when I took another look. Just wanted to let you know the problem remains with Cookie 5.5.4 beta. If it helps you find the cause I just wanted to mention that manually clearing history, cache and cookies does not cause the endless loop but removing unwanted Safari data does. Let me know if you need more info to fix this. Cheers.

  • have you tried replacing the scripts:

    I updated them a couple of months back, with a fix from another user.

  • That seems to fix it. Question: will these fixes be integrated into the next official release or will Apple prevent that?

  • Apple doesn't really like the use of the scripts as they escape the sandbox, which is why they aren't packaged into the app... like in Cookie4.

    for that reason, im not sure i could implement any meaningful way of notifying users their scripts may need updating...