Update to Cookie v5.5: cannot be run

  • The Aap Store version is now available

  • I've installed 5.5.2 from the App Store but it's not working.

    When I launch it, I need to reenter my password for the App Store.

    No icon appears in the Task Bar or Dock.

    The process appears for a few seconds in Activity Manager, then disappears.

    No crash logs at ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports

    Please help!


  • Also, I don't see "the 'Subscribe to this thread' link towards the bottom of the page"–is there something I'm missing?

  • My apologies.
    I have a fix waiting in review with Apple now.

    In the meantime you should be able to delete this folder to reset Cookie:

  • Thanks for the prompt reply, Russell!

    Will this delete all my saved Cookie settings (i.e. websites)?

  • unfortunately yes it will...
    ...but you can be more selective and just delete the preferences file:

  • That didn't work, Russell. It launched, but as soon as I checked the box for the browser, it quit. Then when I relaunched the app, the same thing happened. Any idea when you'll have a fix? Thanks, Will

  • v5.5.3 should fix this. i uploaded to Apple last week before Easter, but they rejected it for a strange reason. And its now caught up in the holiday backlog i guess.

  • Okay, thanks!

  • Ive changed what Apple didn't like, and have added a few other small fixes and rue-loaded as v5.5.4.

    it should be available tomorrow.

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