• I am running 5.2 on Sierra 10.12.1. Since the last upgrade, each first time I want to "Remove Unwanted Safari Data" after a restart of Safari, that pick is greyed out. I simply click on the desktop and try again, and it is then highlighted. Easy to get around, but an issue?

  • hmm,
    ok illl look into this.

    thanks for the heads up

  • Well, 5.2.1 appeared so soon after my initial post, I thought it had been corrected. Strangely, it seemed to be for one or two iterations of the sequence. Now, however, it reappears after each reboot. Was it thought to have been corrected, or is this just a coincidence? Thanks.

  • This issue has not gone away. And it seems less predictable as well. Most times, the first look shows the [font='Source Sans Pro', Tahoma, 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif]"Remove Unwanted Safari Data"[/font] to be missing. Sometimes, later on in a session, it goes missing again after several good attempts. I can always get it back by clicking on the desktop and trying again. Strange.

  • Happy to report that version 5.5.2 seems to have corrected this. Interestingly, while it works, there is a slight delay - while the menu is first displayed - before the pick is activated.

  • That's great!