Scripts for Safari & Safari Technology Preview

  • If you need to install them, a button saying
    Please Read Me
    Will show on the "Websites" view, when you have "All", "Safari" or "Safari TP" selected.

    OK, thanks. Hopefully I will notice this for future updates.

  • I still think we need an easier and reliable way to be notified of the need to update the Safari scripts.

    1. The only link to or even mention of the scripts is here in the forums (from what I can find)

    2. I see (from manually seeking them out) that the scripts were updated on Jan 11, 2017, yet there is no notification from Cookie 5.2.1 MAS that we need to update them...

  • Am I supposed to install both the Cookie5 Scripts AND the TP scripts for a total of 5 scripts:


    Also, FYI, the trial download does not install the latest script or the TP scripts.

  • Yeah I have an update nearly ready with the updated trial scripts.

    You only need the safariTP scripts if you have safari Technology preview installed.

  • Running OS 10.12.2 and I don't see an Applications Scripts folder. Please see attached.

  • I have the read me button.
    I click on it and get a 404 error.
    Get the same 404 error when I click on the link above.
    Purchased from the Mac App Store and installed the scripts before.
    They do not work consistently and takes a long time to remove non-favorites and cookies.

  • whoops!

    my bad, I was meant to only delete a single file... I ended up deleting the entire folder.
    Im re-uploading now, give it a few minutes to finish

  • Do we need Scripts for Firefox and if so, where weould I find them.

  • No scripts are needed for Firefox

  • No scripts are needed for Firefox

    OK thanks Russell