• I did a nuke and pave El Capitan 10.11. I installed Cookie 4.4.1. There is a reproducible and repeatable crash on shutdown. With Cookie running and showing in menu bar there is failure to complete shutdown with unending spinning wheel requiring hard restart or an immediate restart followed by the usual OS X failure error message. With Cookie disabled (quit) shutdown is normal.

  • could you try this version, and see if it performs any better:

  • is an improvement but some issues remain. Firstly, I got one repeat of the same failure to shutdown with the subsequent kernel panic error window. However I could not in the short time I have available reproduce this but it clearly remains an issue. Also, as others have pointed out it's not possible to delete cookies when Safari is running.

  • I installed 4.4.2 and there remains a problem on OS X 10.11. On a MBP, with Safari quit and Cookie running if I do a Shutdown the machine immediately restarts and a kernel panic warning appears. This is the same symptom as previously reported on 4.4.1 and interim If Cookie is quit then Shutdown completes as normal and no restart.

  • Hello again. I want to reopen an earlier report a few weeks ago about a system crash on shutdown that appears to be caused by Cookie. As I explained I did a clean nuke 'n pave ElCap and have since updated to OS X 10.11.1. I installed the latest Cookie version 4.5.2 but if I try to shut down the machine via the Shut Down command under the Apple icon in the menubar it does not completely shutdown (no spinning wheel) but restarts twice with a blue screen saying "there seems to be a problem with your system" (or words to that affect). When I quit Cookie then shutdown is normal with the usual spinning wheel for about 5 or 10secs followed by a complete shutdown. This is repeatable on a Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. Do you need more info from me to fix this problem?

  • An update regarding the shutdown crash...

    After the machine restarted twice I got an error message saying Mail had run out of application memory. Other app were similarly "paused" so I quit Cookie and restarted and all was then back to normal. I hope this feedback is useful to you in your development. I no longer use Cookie 4.x. and look forward to release of v5.

  • could you give this version a try, and let me know if it helps:

  • doesn't want to launch even after reboot.

  • yup,

    my bad. im fixing it now

  • heres a version that actually opens. and hopefully it may even fix the crash on Shutdown bug:

  • launches and quits and no problem shutting down. Favorites can be managed while Safari is running and are retained on quit/relaunch. GREAT. I hope my feedback will help you with release of 5.x

  • thats good news!
    just waiting on feedback on another issue before i release this officially.
    ill also roll this fix into v5.

    thanks for being so persistent with your reporting the bug.