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  • Cookie 6 support issues

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    Cookie 7 has support for Arc

  • Cookie 5 Support issues
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    @paul-H Cookie 6 supports Brave

  • Archived Cookie 4 Support issues
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    unfortunately I havnt implemented anything like this...
    but you could export your favorites to a file then manually edit the file and re-import. Its pretty simple:

    export your favorites (using the little heart icon in the bottom of the window) open up the exported file with TextEdit
    the file will look something like: { "Safari" : [ "", "" ] } just change Safari to Safari TP, your file should now look like this: { "Safari TP" : [ "", "" ] } re-import back into Cookie, once again using the little heart icon.

    Importing the new file will ADD to any favorites you already have, so you won't lose any of your current favorites

  • SessionRestore JS support issues

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    @SweetP wondering if you've figured out where the sessions are stored post Mojave? I'm in the same predicament as Arlo - can't find my backed up plist files to extract sessions from.

    I tried your suggestion of .../safari/extensions.plist and that didn't work for me.

    any updates?