• I have been using Cookie for several years with no issues but recently I discovered that it is responsible for logging me out of Google whenever it runs. I have every single Google cookie marked as Favorite in every section and I have even checked several times to see if there is some unknown cookie being added after login but I cannot find the source of the problem.


  • what you need to do to keep Google (gmail, etc…) logged in:

    • expand the Google cookie (on the Cookies tab of Cookie)
    • find the cookie named NID (it will be red colored)
    • make sure it is highlighted
      right-click (to show the contextual menu)
    • select the option "Add to Whitelist"

    thats it,
    your google login data should now be retained

  • a revised workflow:

    • disable Cookie's timer
    • login to Gmail
    • expand the google.com cookie
    • highlight the SID cookie
      -* right-click and select Add to Whitelist from the contextual menu

    happy days!
    you should now stay logged into Gmail