• Is it possible to purchase a license without using PayPal?
    As in simply making a direct transfer from my bank to SweetP Productions using a Visa debit card.
    I'm fed up paying around 20% to PP which is hidden in their terrible exchange rates.

    Like $14,99 for Cookie is 103 Danish Kroner, but PP takes 119 = +16 Dkr. @ $2,32 = 21%. PayPall might talk about local taxes (VAT/BTW, Moms etc) but they don't pay any local taxes anywhere in Europe, so it's just a rip off.

    I want to buy your product, but not when I have to use a third party 'shylock' who along with Ebay seem to have quietly sorted a very comfortable cartel out. Reminds me of the 'Company Store' idea. Just how they have managed to avoid US & European anti-trust laws is more than interesting.

    Regards etc

  • My Store also accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.
    (if you use this coupon: CRYPTOCOIN you get 20% off)

    or you could send a donation for 103 kroner (via PayPal.....), and ill generate you license.