• Using Safari 8.03

    I cannot access iHeart radio since I installed Cookie. Every time I go to the website I get an error message that says http://www.iheart.com Specified PLAYER cannot function in this environment.

    I click OK on the message. The web page loads. It will not let me play any of the radio stations.

    I white listed all the cookies for iheart but it did not make any difference.

  • disable the timer if you have it running,
    then check to see if any tracking cookies are set, once you login.
    if there are tracking cookies, you can whitelist them one at a time, to see which is the one you need to keep:

    • make sure the red tracking cookie is highlighted
    • control-click (right-click) to show the contextual menu
    • select "Add to Whitelist"

    (also check for flash/databases which may be set when logging in)

  • Thanx mrqwirk

    question:I whitelisted all the "tracking" cookies for iheart but it did not make any difference.

    The iHeard site actually logs me into their system. I can see my user name at the top but it won't let me play any of the stations.

    Is whitelisting the tracking cookies one at a time really going to make any difference since I already whitelisted all of them.


  • if the whitelisting didn't work, then you can remove those cookies from the whitelist, the problem will be somewhere else....

    do they save Flash cookies, or a database/localstorage cookie?
    perhaps data is saved to the cache.

  • Thanx mrqwirk

    As it turns out the issue had nothing to do with Cookie. Probably a coincidence that I installed Cookie at about the same time that the issue showed up. I did a bunch of work to find out what was going on. I finally figured out it must be a Flash issue.

    A short while ago some random update site started updating my Flashplayer. I accidentally allowed it because I thought it was from Adobe. It was not from Adobe. I tried to disable the updater site which kept taking me to different sites every X number of times I started Safari. It did not work very well.

    I eventually just deleted every thing associated with Flash and then some. At some point something or, maybe me, disabled Allow plug-ins in Safari preferences. That would not allow the fresh Flash to work. I enabled the Allow plug-ins setting in Safari Preferences. Everything, including Cookie, is now working fine.

  • wow,
    Im glad you got the problem sorted.