Financial Instituion Requires Computer ID every time, even though it's on my favorite

  • I use Chase Bank to pay bills online and therefore have their domain checked on my "favorites" with Cookie. I've set Cookie to delete non-favorites when I quit my browser.

    Why then do I have to receive a text with a new code every time I reopen my browser and try to log in? It's cumbersome and annoying and according to my understanding, the App (Cookie) is supposed to prevent this.

    I do have the Tracking Cookies box checked as part of my unwanteds...could that be the problem?

    Other than this, I'm pretty happy with the performance of the App. Thanks!

  • If the Chase domain displays any (red) tracking cookies, then what you can do is try whitelisting them.

    This is easy:

    • expand the Chase cookie by clicking the little triangle.
    • Highlight any red cookies
    • Right-click(control-click) to show the contextual menu
    • Select: "Add cookie to Whitelist"
    • You can (by trial and error - add to whitelist/remove from whitelist) find the cookie(s) which need to be kept.

    If that doesn't work, take a look on the Databases tab, maybe Chase sets a database with your login details.

    I almost forgot....
    You will need to disable the timer(if it is running) before trying this.