Safari Search History

  • the trial version removes this by default (when History removal is selected), but for those of you using the Mac App Store version, you can enable it by running the following Terminal command:

    defaults write com.sweetpproductions.Cookie clearSafariSearchHistory YES

    likewise, to disable run this command:

    defaults write com.sweetpproductions.Cookie clearSafariSearchHistory NO


  • I'm running 10.10.1, Safari's unchecked in iCloud, and I have run the command line. Safari history is never deleted by the timer but only when I quit the browser. Cookies have the same problem. Any thoughts?

    Also, how do completely uninstall the application that was purchased via the app store? Ive tried deleting it to reinstall, but the App Store says it's still installed.

  • Safari (like most browsers) most likely stores the data in RAM, this is true for History.
    So, even though the data has been removed, Safari still "thinks" its there...

    to uninstall Cookie, remove:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Cookie

  • Thanks for the followup.
    The App Store wasn't letting me re-install Cookie, having deleted it, because I had a back-up drive mounted, and the Store was reading Cookie installed on that drive.

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