Automatic delete options do not work

  • Hello -- I'm giving the trial version of Cookie a go. I like it, except that none of the automatic delete options (on login, browser quit, timer, or app quit) work. The app simply won't delete anything unless I run the delete(s) manually. Is this a limitation of the trial app? I didn't see notice anywhere that the trial was limited except in days.

    It it's not a deliberate limitation in the trial, I assume it's a local problem since I'm sure there would be other posts here if this were a bug. (It would be a big one!) I'm running Mountain Lion. Any thoughts? I'd love to purchase the app but it needs to work before I do.

  • try this version;

  • Thanks! Automatic delete does work in that version. However I notice that all of the manual options in the menulet are now disabled. I assume these are not issues in the production, MAS version.

  • yup, they all work fine in the MAS version.
    Ill fix those up for the trial. (it was just a quick fix...)

  • heres an updated version, which should now work: