• Hi, I'm trying to transition from a Snow Leopard (10.6.8) Mac to a Mavericks Mac (10.9.4). I am just beginning to set up cookie.app on the Mavericks machine. The Cookie Setup Wizard I can "Import" or "Smart Import" favorites. However, when I look at the SL machine's cookie pane (v. 3.2.2), I don't see any way to export the favorites from it. How can this be done?

    Thanks in advance!

    Well, what I did was copy from the SL machine the preferences here:

    [user] > Library > Application Support > Cookie

    The two files were:

    I shut down Cookie.app on the Mavericks machine. Then I renamed the old Favorites.plist file (there was no TrackingCookies.plist file on the Mav machine). Then I pasted in the two files. I started Cookie.app on the Mavericks machine, went through the Setup Wizard and everything works well. I put in my license number (2nd one I have), and all seems to be great. At least that was my workaround.

  • ah,

    for future reference, all you need to do is:

    1. at the bottom right, of the Cookies/Flash/Silverlight/Databases tabs there is a button (perhaps not obvious) which says (heart) = Favorite.
      click that for the export/import option.

    2. bring up the contextual menu:
      right-click(control-click) in one of the Cookies/Flash/Silverlight/Databases windows, the contextual menu will show with the Option/Export option.

  • Great! Thanks. Maybe it could have a little more intuitive label?

    In any case, great app!