Cookies not cleared and high CPU load

  • I'm trying out Cookie and I'm still in the trial period.

    Although I have "clear unwanted data on browser quit" checked, I can quit browsers 'til the cows come home and the Cookie window shows exactly the same cookies being active after quit.

    Secondly, in looking at Activity Monitor over a period of time, Cookie seems to spike CPU use as high as 75% on a regular basis (within a 5 minute period there will be several such CPU spikes). Since there are other processes running as well, this results in my CPU usage hitting 100% whenever Cookie spikes. Is this expected behavior?

    And finally, what is the significance of the number of cookies highlighted in red vs the total number (in black)?

    Thank you!

  • Which Operating system do you use?
    Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks?

    The spike will happen when removing cookies, so if you have the timer set, it will occur each time the timer fires. It shouldn't really be noticeable unless you have many cookies.(the more you have, the more work Cookie dies to check each one)

    The red cookies are tracking cookies.